AdMech Base Size Reference

Looking for AdMech model base sizes? Here's a handy reference guide with base sizes for all Adeptus Mechanicus miniatures.

AdMech Base Size Reference
A reference guide for Adeptus Mechanicus base sizes. (Image: Grokvar)
* Dec 9, 2023: Added Skatros base size (40mm)

I'm constantly looking to verify base sizes when building and painting miniatures for my Adeptus Mechanicus army lists, so I gradually started to record all of the information I was constantly looking up.

After a year of building AdMech miniatures, I collected enough info that I thought it would be useful to share, hence this Adeptus Mechanicus model base size reference post. I'll be continually updating this blog post over time as new AdMech units are released, and noting the latest changes and additions via the updates callout at the top of this post.

If you have any suggestions (or spot any errors) please drop me an email.

25mm round

  • Skitarii Rangers
  • Skitarii Vanguard
  • Servitors
  • Securatii Hoplites (Legends)
  • Securatii Peltasts (Legends)

32mm round

  • Cybernetica Datasmith
  • Tech-Priest Enginseer
  • Skitarii Marshall
  • Technoarchaeologist
  • Corpuscarii Electro-Priests
  • Fulgurite Electro-Priests

40mm round

  • Pteraxii Skystalkers
  • Pteraxii Sterilyzors
  • Sicarian Infiltrators
  • Sicarian Rustalkers
  • Sydonian Skatros

50mm round

  • Tech-Priest Dominus
  • Tech-Priest Manipulus

60mm round*

  • Kastelan Robots
  • Kataphron Breachers
  • Kataphron Destroyers

60x35mm oval

  • Serberys Raiders
  • Serberys Sulphurhounds

60x35.5mm oval

  • Skitarii Rangers Transuranic Arquebus
  • Skitarii Vanguard Transuranic Arquebus

105mm x 70mm oval

  • Belisarius Cawl
  • Ironstrider Ballistari
  • Sydonian Dragoon w/Taser Lance
  • Sydonian Dragoon w/Radium Jezzail

130mm round

  • Onager Dunecrawler

170mm x 109mm oval

  • Archaeopter Fusilave
  • Archaeopter Stratoraptor
  • Archaeopter Transvector

Model / Hull Only

  • Skorpius Disintegrator - Hull
  • Skorpius Dunerider - Hull
  • Terrax-Pattern Termite (Legends) - Hull

[*] - Games Workshop 60mm bases range in size between 60mm and 65mm, but GW lists them as 60mm. See the Kataphron Breacher and Kastelan Robots store page descriptions for confirmation.