Using Combat Arena: Lair of the Beast Board Game Miniatures in Warhammer 40K

Looking for rules, points, and datasheets to use Combat Arena: Lair of the Beast miniatures in Warhammer 40k? Read this blog post for all the info you'll need to finally put the Ambull on your 40K tabletop.

Using Combat Arena: Lair of the Beast Board Game Miniatures in Warhammer 40K
Thanks to GW's Legends rules and datasheets, you can use all of your Combat Arena: Lair of the Beast miniatures—like the dreaded Ambull here—in your games of 40K. (Image Source: Games Workshop)

Many Warhammer 40,000 players picked up a copy of Games Workshop's new Combat Arena: Lair of the Beast (CA:LoB) for one reason: To finally get their hands on many of the miniatures that were included in the excellent (but now out of print) Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress (WQ:BSF) game. Like many other 40K players, I wanted to get the miniatures for collecting and painting, but to also use some of the models in my own games of 40K.

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Using Combat Arena: Lair of the Beast Miniatures in Warhammer 40K

The great news is that GW supports using all of these miniatures in 40K, and either provides bespoke rules (via separate Warhammer Legends sheets) or proxy equivalents (via the Warhammer Legends: Legendary Units proxy sheet). That said, rules for individual characters from Lair of the Beast aren't included in the game box, and they're not all included in one handy location.
After doing some research, hunting for links, and scouring GW's various Legends indexes, I managed to find the exact rules (or proxy equivalents) for every character included in the CA: LoB board game. If you were lucky enough to get a copy of WQ:BSF a few years ago, these rules would apply to most of the miniatures in this box as well (excluding the cultists, beast men, and most of the adversary miniatures.)

Ambull and Sergeant Vennaro Note: The Ambull miniature was originally only found in the Dreaded Ambull expansion to WQ:BSF, and the Sergeant Vennaro miniature wasn't included in any other WQ:BSF expansions, to my knowledge.

Combat Arena: Lair of the Beast 40K datasheet locations

I've listed details about using each of these characters in 40K below,  including links to the relevant legends datasheets or to the proxy units you can likely play the units as in your games of 40K. I'll also provide a bit of commentary about what I think is interesting about each datasheet for some additional context.

A note about tournament play: As is the case with all other Warhammer Legends miniatures, the official GW stance is that all of these miniatures and datasheets are perfectly fine to use in casual games with friends, or perhaps at your local game store, but GW clearly states that... "*The only place you can’t use them is in an official tournament."

That said, some local tournaments allow miniatures like these to be used as proxies for official miniatures and units—using official datasheets for what you're proxying the miniature as, not the Legends ones—as long as the base sizes and general shape / size of the miniature matches an official equivalent. A local 40K tournament I'll be attending this Fall states in their event rules that they allow "...proxies, conversions and prints." As always, your mileage may vary, so check with your local tournament organizer before adding these models to competitive lists.

The Ambull (Including Borewyrm infestation tokens)

Looking for Ambull 40K stats? You can find them in the Legends: Unaligned Forces PDF on the GW Warhammer Community site.

Unique among all the miniatures in CA:LoB is the Ambull, which is placed in the unaligned forces faction in Warhammer Legends. The great thing about unaligned forces is that any faction in 40K can use them, so everything from Adepta Sororitas to World Eaters can field them.

On to the official Ambull 40K stats: The Ambull datasheet is an interesting one, and is clearly focused on melee combat, with 4 WS3+ attacks at S6, AP-2, and D3 wounds per attack. It's also T8 with 8 wounds, and has a 3+ save. It also gets a 5+++ feel no pain save, which makes it extra tough and survivable.

It's also relatively inexpensive at 85 points (as of Oct 2023), so it could be a great addition to any army that needs a bit of extra melee punch. Thematically, I think the Ambull would work best as part of an Ork or Tyranid army, but would be a fun addition to the ranks of any faction.

The Ambull
Points cost: 85 (As of 10/2023) - Legends Field Manual
Faction / Datasheet location: Legends: Unaligned Forces

Sergeant Vennaro

Next up is Sergeant Vennaro, who is depicted in CA:LoB as a Blood Angels Sergeant with a chain sword and a grav-pistol. Unfortunately, there isn't a specific datasheet for Vennaro in any of the legends datasheets, but you can run him as a traditional Space Marine Sergeant, perhaps as part of an Assault Intercessor Squad.

That said, you could realistically run Vennaro as a sergeant, lieutenant, or captain from any other Space Marine faction as long as the base sizes match and your opponent is ok with the proxy. I couldn't find a Space Marine unit with a grav pistol, but my suggestion—to be true to his CA:LoB roots—would be to run Vennaro as a Blood Angels sergeant with a chainsword and bolt pistol.

Sergeant Vennaro
Proxied as Space Marine / Assault Intercessor Squad Sergeant
Points cost: 80-160 (As of 10/2023) - Munitorum Field Manual
Faction / Datasheet location: Space Marines


One of the most interesting characters in CA:LoB is UR-025, a sentient robot that is masquerading as a self-described "Imperial Robot." I love the lore and fluff around this character, and I think he makes a great thematic addition to either an Imperial Guard or Adeptus Mechanicus army, although he can be added to any Imperial army faction.

UR-025 is a fairly durable unit with T5, 4 wounds, a 3+ save, and a 1 wound per round self-repair ability. He also gets a bonus move when an enemy units moves within 9". While not a particularly stand-out datasheet compared to the choices most factions have—he's a bit slow and his melee options are weak—UR-025 has better shooting skill (BS3+) than 95% of the current 10th Edition Adeptus Mechanicus army list—<cue sad cyborg beeping noises>—so AdMech players may be enticed to use him by that alone.

Points cost: 55 (As of October 2023) - Legends Field Manual
Faction / Datasheet location: Legends: Agents of the Imperium

Imperial Navigator Espern Locarno

Another interesting miniature in CA:LoB is Espern Locarno, one of the few models I'm aware of that represents an Imperial Navigator on the tabletop. This model is also great for kit-bashing, with very distinctive headgear.

The Legends rules are a bit meager for Espern, but he's relatively inexpensive (40 points) and has a Gaze into the Immaterium ability that prevents your opponent from setting up reinforcements within 12 inches—much like an AdMech Technoarchaeologist or a Space Marine Infiltrator Squad—which can be very useful in keeping enemy reinforcements at bay.

Espern Locarno
Points cost: 40 (As of 10/2023) - Legends Field Manual
Faction / Datasheet location: Legends: Agents of the Imperium

Pious Vorne, Missionary Zealot

I don't think any other miniature in the CA:LoB box has a cooler weapon than Pious Vorne, who wields Vindicator, a very cool combination flamer / chainsword. Sadly, there are no bespoke rules for Pious and her awesome weapon, but you can —thanks to GW's official Legendary Units proxy guidelines—run her as a Preacher in an Adepta Sororitas army.  

If you do run Pious Vorne as a Preacher, be sure to select the Zealot's Vindicator as your weapon choice, as it provides the ignores cover and torrent keywords in its ranged profile—representing the flamethrower aspect—and three S5, Ap-1, D2 attacks in melee combat.  

Base size disparity: Pious ships with a 32mm base in CA:LoB, but the Preacher unit uses a 25mm base. Best to check with your opponent / local tournament organizer if you might need to place Pious on the smaller 25mm base.

Pious Vorne
Proxied as Adepta Sororitas (Preacher) - Legendary Units Proxy List
Points cost: 40 (As of 10/2023) - Munitorum Field Manual
Faction / Datasheet location: Adepta Sororitas

Dahyak Grekh, Kroot Tracker

Like Pious Vorne, there are no bespoke rules for Dahyak Grekh, the Kroot Tracker in CA: LoB. In lieu of unique rules, you can run Dahyak as a Kroot Shaper in any Tau army thanks to GW's official Legendary Units proxy guidelines.

A Kroot Shaper has the stealth and scouts 7" keywords, and also grants a 6+++ feel no pain to models in the unit it leads, as well as a bonus number of attacks when charging.

Dahyak Grekh
Proxied as T'au Empire (Kroot Shaper) - Legendary Units Proxy List
Points cost: 40 (As of 10/2023) - Munitorum Field Manual
Faction / Datasheet location: T'au Empire

Taddeus the Purifier, Ministorum Priest

The Adepta Sororitas is well-represented in CA:LoB, as Taddeus the Purifier can be used in any Sisters army as a proxy for a Missionary. He also can be used as a Regimental Preacher in any Astra Militarum army, thanks again to GW's official Legendary Units proxy guidelines.

One noteworthy ability (for the regimental preacher) is the War Hymns ability, which gives melee weapons equipped by models in that unit sustained hits 1.

Base size disparity: Taddeus ships with a 32mm base in CA:LoB, but both the Missionary and Regimental Preacher units use 25mm bases. Best to check with your opponent / local tournament organizer if you might need to place Taddeus on the smaller base.

Taddeus the Purifier
Proxied as Missionary (Adepta Sororitas) / Regimental Preacher (Astra Militarum) - Legendary Units Proxy List
Points cost: 30 [Missionary] / 35 [Regimental Preacher] - (As of 10/2023) - Munitorum Field Manual
Faction / Datasheet location: Legends: Adepta Sororitas / Legends: Astra Militarum

Rogue Trader Janus Draik

Janus Draik has his custom 40K datasheet, included in the  Legends: Agents of the Imperium PDF. In addition to having the Leader and Infiltrators keywords, Draik has some interesting additional abilities.

Draik can lead either a unit of Imperial Navy Breachers or Voidsmen-at-Arms, and he grants either of those units the Infiltrators ability. His Warrant of Trade ability also lets you redeploy up to D3 Imperium Battleline units, which gives you a bit more tactical shenanigans to visit on your opponent.

Janus Draik
Points cost: 55 (As of 10/2023) - Legends Field Manual
Faction / Datasheet location: Legends: Agents of the Imperium

Ratling Twins, Rein and Raus Gaffar

While they have separate datasheets in CA:LoB, Rein and Raus Gaffar are combined into a single datasheet when used for play in Warhammer 40K, found in the Legends: Astra Militarum PDF.

Rein and Raus have a datasheet loaded with good abilities: In addition to having Infiltrators, Lone Operative, and Stealth, you can make a normal move with this combined unit after shooting. Another nice ability: While Rein and Raus are both alive, you can re-roll hit and wound rolls for ranged attacks.

Rein and Raus Gaffar
Points cost: 5o (As of 10/2023) - Legends Field Manual
Faction / Datasheet location: Legends: Astra Militarum

Amallyn Shadowguide, Asuryani Ranger

One of the better 40K datasheets from the CA:LoB character stable is Amallyn Shadowguide. Why? She has a healthy stat line—including a 7" move, 3 wounds, a 5+/4++ save, and the Infiltrators, Lone Operative, and Stealth keywords.

She also gets precision and heavy on her Ranger long rifle (36" range, BS3+, S4, AP-1, D2) to help make her an excellent character sniper. She can also redeploy one Rangers or Shroud Runner unit into Strategic Reserves, and she also gets a bonus D6" move if any enemy unit moves within 9".

Amallyn Shadowguide
Points cost: 75 (As of 10/2023) - Legends Field Manual
Faction / Datasheet location: Legends: Aeldari

And that's a wrap! I'd love to hear what your experiences are with using CA:LoB characters in 40K, so reach out via any of the methods listed below.

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